NoSQL Engineer 这个最新的职位,学历背景好,公司背景好,英语口语流利


Job Description: Basically, the job is maintaining and building eBay version nosql system (e.g. Couch DB, Mongo DB, Cassandra and etc.). We want to build experts on nosql domain in eBay.

  1. Work with open community on nosql system
  2. Solve the technical issue of nosql system
  3. Provide technical consultant for eBay developer
  4. Fix the bug of nosql system
  5. Enhance the functionality of nosql system
  6. Maintain the internal version of nosql system
  7. Build library or middleware on nosql system.

The candidate should have: Proven track record and at least 3 years of experience for dbms or nosql development or related Strong programming skill and algorithm development skill Problem analysis expertise both in defect and performance issue resolution Deep understanding of dbms or nosql internals

We prefer candidates with: Passion on DBMS or nosql development Experience in any of the following dbms components: parser, query, optimizer, index, storage and etc. Experience in open source community

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